The CarPlay Theory of iWatch Design

It’s tricky, figuring out how to get a watch on the wrist of someone who doesn’t already wear something there. Even trickier, getting a wearer of luxury watches to trade their wrist-space for a $400 gadget.

What if:

  1. Some variation of Apple’s wearable don’t have a screen, but contain a standard-sized module containing sensors and radios.
  2. Apple licenses the use of this module to select watchmakers.

The version-with-a-screen would come from Apple, but the version-without-a-screen could be designed by Rolex, or Breitling, or Gucci, or… *

*This could work downmarket, also: Swatch?

Update: Ben Bajarin and Benedict Evans bat this idea around a bit on Episode 20 of their Cubed Podcast, 25-ish minutes in.